"My daughter was involved in an accident in a small town near Greeley while she still had her permit. We were worried about whether she could get her license because she got a 3 point ticket. Colette talked to the city prosecutor and convinced him to drop the charges down to a zero point offense. Better yet, we were able to do the whole thing through the mail and didn't have to drive up there for a hearing. My daughter was able to get her license and it even kept our insurance rates down."

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DUI / DWAI / Traffic Offenses PhotoThe experience of being pulled over by a police officer, performing roadside maneuvers, and submitting to a breath, blood or urine test after being arrested is stressful. Anyone who operates a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol or using drugs can be arrested for DUI (driving under the influence)or DWAI (driving while ability impaired). Otherwise law-abiding people don't realize how little alcohol it takes for someone to be arrested and how far-reaching the consequences can be. Whether this is your first experience with law enforcement or you have other alcohol-related convictions, it is important that you contact an attorney right away to protect important rights you have. A DUI or DWAI charge can result in jail or loss of your driver's license, even for a first time offender. If you have recently been arrested and charged with a DUI or DWAI, your rights need to be addressed within 7 days after your arrest to preserve your driver's license. At the Cribari Law Firm, we have the knowledge and experience to help you not only fight the criminal charges, but also to help preserve your driving privileges.

A DUI or DWAI charge can have far-reaching consequences such as:

• Suspension of your driver's license
• A major traffic offense that can make you a Habitual Traffic Offender
• Jail
• Probation with community service
• Fines or court costs
• Monitored sobriety or interlock devices on your car that measure alcohol in your system
• Dramatic increase in your insurance rates
• Loss of your status as a student or your job


1. Consult a highly qualified attorney to represent you. Colette Cribari has spent the last 25 years in the courtroom and has done 100's of DUI and DWAI cases. Few lawyers have the unique daily courtroom experience with back to back DUI cases that Colette had as a prosecutor. She understands how prosecutors think and how to use the best defense tactics, what mistakes the police make, and what judges look for in assessing cases.

2. When you are arrested for DUI or DWAI, there are actually two cases to contend with. DUI charges are handled in County Court, but there is also an administrative proceeding with the Department of Motor Vehicles that can affect your driving status. If you took a breath test with a result of over .08 or refused a breath or blood test, your license is immediately suspended. A hearing must be requested within 7 days of arrest to contest this suspension. Contacting the Cribari Law Firm before you request this hearing can help you determine if this is your best course of action. We can help you deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles to save time and frustration. We can file the required forms, make the necessary phone calls to schedule a hearing and appear at the hearing with you to help you protect your driving privileges. Sometimes we may be able to help you obtain a "probationary license" to allow you drive to work or school. We can counsel you about getting a photo ID while your driving status is being determined.

3. Consider signing up for alcohol classes. These classes can assist you in getting your license reinstated, can help to mitigate the charges when presenting your case to the prosecutor or the court, and can help to deal with any possible alcohol or drug problems you may be facing in your personal life. For information on state approved programs, please call us at (303) 960-9455 or contact us.

At the Cribari Law Firm, we specialize in DUI defense. We are skilled at recognizing when there is a lack of probable cause by the police officer to stop you, errors in searches and seizures, and especially unreliable breath test or blood results. We will work diligently for you by carefully examining all the evidence and applying our extensive knowledge of the law to get the best possible results in your case.


Sometimes driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can lead to an accident that results in the death or serious bodily injury of passengers or people in other cars. If you have been charged with vehicular assault or vehicular homicide, it is imperative that you immediately contact an experienced trial attorney. These are serious felony charges and you may be facing a possible prison sentence in the Colorado Department of Corrections, even if this is your first offense. Colette Cribari has handled many prior cases of vehicular assaults and homicides and can help you make important decisions that can affect your future.


The Cribari Law Firm can also assist you in fighting other types of traffic offenses that can affect your driving status such as:

• Careless driving
• Careless resulting in death
• Habitual Traffic Offender
• Hit and run
• Speed contests
• Suspension proceedings with the Department of Motor Vehicles

If you or your loved ones have been charged with DUI, DWAI, Vehicular Homicide or Assault, or you need an experienced attorney to help you with other traffic charges, the Cribari Law Firm can provide the excellent service you need for effective solutions. We have spent the last 25 years fighting for justice. We will give your case the attention and hard work that you deserve.

Thank you for considering the Cribari Law Firm. Call us for a free consultation at (303) 960-9455 or contact us.