"I got a ticket on campus for something dumb. Colette talked to the prosecutor for me and was able to talk her into letting me just write a paper about safety on campus. Writing the paper was kind of lame, but I have to admit I did learn some things. She actually got the charges dismissed!!! I didn't have to face anything with judicial affairs and my criminal history is clean. The best part is that my parents were pretty happy that the charges were dismissed. She was a great lawyer and I would recommend her to students who are serious about staying at the university."

A. C., Boulder

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Sometimes university students who are good people find themselves in trouble. You may be charged with a DUI, possession of alcohol, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, assault or resisting arrest. Worse, sometimes students face more serious charges such as sexual assault, assaulting a police officer or possession of illegal drugs.

College students can face harsh academic penalties when they are charged with criminal offenses, even when those offenses occur off-campus. University disciplinary proceedings can occur for even the most minor offenses, such as minor in possession of alcohol or possession of marijuana. Penalties resulting from these disciplinary proceedings can range from being placed on academic probation, to losing a scholarship, or even being suspended or expelled from the university. At the Cribari Law Firm, we know that protecting your academic status is of primary importance to you. As a former prosecutor, Colette Cribari understands how creative plea bargaining in criminal cases can lessen the impact of disciplinary proceedings upon your academic status. She will fight to protect your rights, your freedom, and your status as a student. Once your criminal case is successfully resolved, we can offer advice to guide you toward a successful resolution of university disciplinary proceedings.

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